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General guidelines

Please look at the list of posters on the website and find the number corresponding to your presentation.

The poster session will take place on Friday, 6th July at 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The posters will be presented in the room adjoining the conference hall. People presenting the posters are requested to attach their posters to the appropriate poster stands on Friday morning – either before the first lecture or during the coffee break, not later than 11.30. We would like to make sure that the conference participants, who are numerous, have enough time to acquaint themselves with the presented posters.

The posters will need to be attached to the poster stands with tape, which will be provided by the organizer. Should you need any assistance, please contact the personnel at the registration desk.

During the whole poster session, the authors of the posters are expected to be available at their stands and be ready to explain their posters to the participants. A small version of the poster in A4 format may be prepared (the print out in black and white is OK) in order to distribute it to the participants who are interested.

You may also wish to include your email address on the poster in order to make it possible for other participants to contact you directly and request an electronic form of it (PDF). Another way to stay in contact with individuals interested in your poster is placing a pen and a sheet of paper next to your poster, where people can leave their email addresses if they wish to get a PDF version of your poster.

If you would like your poster to be published on the website of the conference and be made available for downloading, we might do so. This requires signing appropriate forms on copyright. If the authors of the posters express their interest, information on it will be available on the website.


Technical guidelines

The poster should not be larger than A0 (in portrait orientation): height − 1189 mm, width – 841 mm.

The poster stands are 100 cm (width) x 250 cm (height). Therefore, only portrait orientation of the posters is acceptable.

Posters are usually read from a distance of ca. 1 m/3 feet. The font size for your text should be at least 20 pt, for headings – at least 36 pt, for the poster's title – advisably 180 pt (5 cm). Fonts that utilize script or are difficult to read should be avoided.

A good test to check whether the font size is appropriate is printing out a nA4 version of the poster – the text should be easy to read.


Purpose of the poster

Main purpose of the poster format is to stimulate discussion among presenters and audience members. Research on this format indicates that audiences respond best to presentations that are a mix of images (drawings, graphs, charts, photos) and text.

Your poster should be succinct and comprehensive to convey your message by itself, facilitating discussion with poster session participants. In general, "less is better". Poster language is well-suited to enumerated or bulleted lists, short phrases, and visually explicit organization. Save the details for oral discussion.



Effective poster is a visual communication tool.

It should be well visible and legible: it should be possible to read it from a distance of 3 feet/ 1 meter.

Use the design elements of color, line, shape, texture and scale to visually lead audience members through whatever sequence best fits your material.


Poster composition

Divide the contents of your poster into appropriate sections:

  • Title and authors (with affiliations)
  • SHORT abstract
  • Context
  • Methods
  • Data and results
  • Conclusion
  • References (not more than three refs.)
  • Brief acknowledgment (if any)

Headings above each section should indicate its contents and identify the appropriate sequence for viewing the poster, using clearly visible numbers, letters or arrows.

Graphs, charts and tables are the centerpiece of your poster. Simple, clean graphics communicate relationships quickly. Write explanations or legend directly on figures.

Your printed conclusions should permit observers to focus on a concise statement of your central findings that lends itself to informal discussion.

AVOID bright colored backgrounds.



For suggestions about creating and organizing an effective poster visit:

To see examples of the posters visit directly:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The Conference is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

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